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Onion hosts are always safer than clearnet ones Pretty good and long lists of file hosts courtesy of BV4: Allowed File Hosts Be sure to visit Topic Links 2.0 for more good links. MEMBER PRIVILEGES No one can steal your nickname. You can post videos and password protected archives. Saved profile changes between
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Onion sites online: 5560 Submit new URL: http:// Title: URL: Last Seen: CB3ROB Tactical Data Services cb3rob5vwac2dtyc.onion 2019-04-26 Masterlist: Darknet Market Listings and Vendors 22222222222qerho.onion 2019-05-01 Those "100x Your Coins" sites down there? Those are scams. 22222222235tlt3z.onion 2019-05-02 100x