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(grammar improvement 19 July 2018) In which Alice lists gripes and suggestions about electronic currencies, and does not expect any reply or comment. Bitcoin failed Biggest problem: Even the fanboys
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remains the case today. On my ex-wife ' s side of the family, Alice ' s grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins haven ' t so much sent her a birthday greeting in two years. Alice spends her days dreaming
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might have been listening in on them. Alice and Bob now use this common secret to encrypt and decrypt their sent and received data. Note that the starting color (yellow) is arbitrary, but is agreed on in
though. I had no idea when my mom might be back. There was no way I was going to start anything when she could walk in at any moment. Besides, I was still feeling really guilty. I decided to take Alice out
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me the worst case scenario occurs if Bob sends BCH 1st, because Alice can just scam him by revealing her XMR key share without ever sending XMR. Whoever sends money first can get in trouble, but the
” Deniable authentication is usually defined as a way that Bob can prove to himself that the message he received was, in fact, encrypted by Alice, but he is unable to prove this to anyone else. In this way