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The_blond_weirdo 17 points 1 month ago The_blond_weirdo Alice in wonderland 17 points 1 month ago I agree. Most trans girls are lesbians from my experience. Also about straight trans girls, we do exist (for example
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Controversial → 1 COMMENT 3d ago got it tks. 1 COMMENT 3d ago Thanks for the info, 33 gwel is what in US dollars? Also not comfortable leaving my wallet connected or do I? 1 COMMENT 22d ago Hi I am having
Winter Wonderland, at 16:05 3 Apr Winter Wonderland 16:05 3 Apr to chuckles47 " Everton will only stay up because the 3 teams below them are even worse.Frank now has the worst away record in 50 years for
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Defunctland Shared 1 year ago 2.1M views 26:16 DefunctTV: The History of Adventures in Wonderland Defunctland Shared 2 years ago 637K views 19:28 Defunctland: The History of the Worst Six Flags Coaster, Green
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