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WCAG 2.2 is the newest set of criteria's available, but what is it and what does it mean for your website? Get the explanation here and see what's in store for your website What’s new in the WCAG 2.2 standards - SustainableWWW Search Search Our cause Volunteer Contact Resources Blog Home Resources Blog Our cause Volunteer Contact 06 Sep 2021 Comments (0) What’s new in the WCAG 2.2 standards Lots of things have happened since WCAG version 2.0 was released....
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2.2. 需要固件的设备 2.2. 需要固件的设备 第 2 章 系统需求 2.2. 需要固件的设备 除了需要设备驱动程序,有些硬件还要在使用之前加载 固件(firmware) 或 微码(microcode) 。这对于网卡(特别是无线网卡)来说很常见,但有些 USB 设备甚至是硬盘控制器也需要加载固件。
Caesars Growth Partners is buying four casinos for $2.2 billion, in a deal intended to help the Caesars Entertainment Corporation gain access to cash it needs to service its huge debt load.
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