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) packet_usr = 'test\x00' # username null terminated (default) packet_auth = '\xff' # both \xff and \xfe crash the server ''' Conditions to crash: 1 - packet_auth must start with \xff or \xfe 2 - packet_auth
3 ruby-bundler:armhf 2 golang-github-beorn7-perks-dev:armhf 2 golang-github-client9-reopen-dev:armhf 2 golang-github-sebest-xff-dev:armhf 2 golang-google-grpc-dev:armhf (>= 1.22~) 2 golang-gopkg
IS_BIG_ENDIAN (*(uint16_t *) " \0\xff " < 0x100) Merge Two Sorted Arrays by Preserving Sort Order This is an interview question at Quora: " Given two lists of sorted integers, develop an algorithm to sort these
서버가 해킹당해도 웹 서버 권한으로는 내부망으로 연결이 불가하다. Reverse Proxy 로 서비스 제공시 WAS 에서 REMOTE_ADDR 을 가져오면 Reverse Proxy 서버의 IP 를 얻게 되므로 원하는 결과가 나오지 않는다. Proxy(프락시) 환경에서 client IP 를 얻기 위한 X-Forwarded-For(XFF) http header 를
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