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MHAFZQIK [ Report ] > > fb-EDGGNDMK (OP) I'll bump this each time I see shitty alt-chan post > > Anonymous 02/14/22(Mon)18:34:45 No. 54HS5LUN [ Report ] > > fb-WQG62NNN > federated camera system samsung really pulled it off. guys, can we get a based off B > > Anonymous 02/21/22(Mon)03:06:35 No. fb-W8ERWNLY [ Report ] > > fb-DFNI9BAX > that will overthrow 4ch/mainstreamchan/cuckchan/noobchan/loserschan/losercentral BASED BEYOND CURRENTLY KNOWN LIMITS > > Anonymous 03/08/22(Tue)09:18:56 No. 5Y2DOYNE [ Report ] Kinda hoping FChannel can bring stickies to fruition > > File 9.jpg (125.63 KB) [Hide] NSFW Content Anonymous 03/11/22(Fri)22:22:58 No. fb-I1WUYONV [ Report ] > > fb-EDGGNDMK (OP) Taylor Swift has sexy feethttps://fchan.xyz/b/EDGGNDMK#5RAQUYR3 > > Anonymous 04/03/22(Sun)22:58:01 No. fb-G6VRZ27F [ Report ] > > fb-EDGGNDMK (OP) based sticky > > Anonymous 04/16/22(Sat)04:57:48 No. fb-CWF0FXIT [ Report ] > > fb-EDGGNDMK (OP) What a shame.
I missed none of your points, I debunked ev >>/auspol/24128 > > 24126 everytime i think of 4ch /pol/ i physically cringe, we dont want that >>/pol/56889 > Is any one else troubled by how subversive Asian culture is on white identity movements?
How is it possible this 'Q' entity, an entity who began by merely asking questions on 4ch/8ch, was able to ………(fill in the blank). Think logically. People are craving TRUTH. People are craving TRANSPARENCY. People are craving EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER THE LAW.