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@MicheleCeriotti Sep 6 Me and my wife are fully vaccinated, and luckily test negative. 3yo test inconclusive. 5mo untested. We inform school and family of friends, given that 6yo clearly picked it up there. We
@tanaka_tatsuya Jul 22 感染対策して観戦 #Tokyo2020 98 28,001 632 72,335 Show this thread Ben Michel @obensource Jul 23 3yo: Can I talk to you about something? Me: Of course. What's up? 3yo: Well, there's a monster in the
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HISTORY 1M view 12:37 Relief as 3yo boy, missing for three days, is found safe and well | ABC News ABC News (Australia) 18K views 1:32 Chinese President Xi and Russian President Putin takes the CRH to
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