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Tox ID Service Click here to add lilglover. You can also add [email protected] in your client. dad of 1yo daughter looking for other dads or traders with new baby or toddler vids and pics. lilglover @toxme.onion Full Tox ID : C95B2F34360C27D7D9BAF324F783DA736CFD2658CDEB1BF72837615F6D3E6A5201932B970863 (If you have a phone, you can scan this QR code to add lilglover instead.)
gallery 5.9k Upvotes 513 comments r/lego • u/RealBiotSavartReal • 26d ago Other Just bought my 1yo son his 1st LEGO 4.9k Upvotes 160 comments r/lego • u/KinderBuenosAllDay • Jun 15 ' 22 Other So... there was a little oopsie on the AU Amazon store....they honoured it by the way... 10.9k Upvotes 362 comments r/lego • u/FogzArt • 12d ago Other Finally cleaned out my closet full of lego boxes.
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