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naked. As far as I can see, it depends entirely upon upbringing. I think it is disingenuous and destructive to teach children that their bodies are shameful and must be covered up. However it is appropriate to understand and consider what is accepted in the relevant culture when choosing a public mode of dress. Title:
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naked (она разделась медленно, как во сне, а когда осталась обнаженной: naked – голый, нагой) , she selected a bright red negligee to wear so that the blood would not show (она выбрала ярко-красный пеньюар: negligee [‘negli:zei], так чтобы /на нем/ не было видно крови) . Doris Whitney looked around the bedroom for the
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yo fuera un perro para mover la cola cuando te encuentre de casualidad ó si yo fuera un zorrito bien pequeño, negro abetunado con un hocico que al alcanzarte en la escalera se introduzca resoplando entre las nalgas de tus piernas cerradas un zorro para lamer todos los lugares donde te mearas ó aguardase sobre el canto
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