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Ivan Schuit (youngboyforolder)'s status on Friday, 09-Jul-2021 19:32:54 UTC - societyHi I’m a 14yr boy and I am searching for older guys. I like if u take control over me and I’ll de anything
:39:35 Hey Everybody! Let ' s Talk in Geneva ' s Closett... Genevas Closett Shared 8 months ago 2.3K views 1:49:59 WOMAN ALLEGES POLICE INCARCERATED HER & 14YR OLD DAUGHTER ILLEGALLY! Genevas Closett
> > 17777 yeah ik the romanian guy he was seriously autistic some mod convinced him they were a 14yr old trap and he wanted to get assfucked by them also made a cock and ball torture video to save said trap
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