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years, but less so each year. Then the fade begins in earnest. By 35, stick a fork in you! Men never choose women on the basis of status; such male criteria being, biologically speaking, a meaningless way to view women. Work is consequently very much on the male side of life’s equation, and it must be expected that
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sex offenders this year than last year. Within the last five months, 144 apprehended. During the same time last year, 93 sex offenders were caught trying to fly under the radar. In December, a woman from El Salvador was picked up, who was convicted of child sex assault back in 2009. It reportedly happened in Dallas
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year. Heterosexual women say they average 55 sex acts per year, using a condom in 16 percent of them. This adds up to about 1.1 billion heterosexual condom uses per year. Who is telling the truth, men or women? Neither. According to Nielsen, fewer than 600 million condoms are sold every year. Americans may also be
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years after admitting to 13 sex offences, with two female accomplices given 14 years and 16 years respectively. Paedophile rock star Ian Watkins was told he had "plumbed new depths of depravity" as he was jailed for 35 years for a string of horrific child sex offences including the attempted rape of a baby. The
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years. Finland 15 years old to purchase soft core pornography. 18 years old for hardcore pornography. Germany Parents are allowed to show hardcore pornography to children for educational reasons. Soft core pornography is not restricted. Age of consent is 14 years. Pornography with kids younger than this age is called
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years now. Each year, beginning in 2029, the Community has birthed a new team – always nine sons from three fathers, gestated at the San Francisco Institute for Human Cloning, and born on December 31. While people on the outside are celebrating New Year's Eve, we celebrate Birth Day. It combines (and totally eclipses)
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