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had ever spoken to her on the phone. It rang about one time and suddenly, in the brightest, happiest, squeaky 11yo girl voice she says, " Hi Matt!! " . I am not even sure how the rest of the
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the legendary magazine Sybille — the Vogue of the East. 'FKK has class': East Germany's nudist culture From lakes to saunas and parks: Is Germany's nudist culture, known as FKK, dying out or still
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Obitio_Uchiha 2 points 2 months ago Obitio_Uchiha 2 points 2 months ago No you must be referring to our uncultured neighbours to the east. FKK type germans. B3rn0ud 2 points 2 months ago B3rn0ud 2 points 2 months
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