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order on your site normally. I sent the order by e - mail. Please confirm. [/quote] Options Disable BBCode Disable smilies Do not automatically parse URLs Expand view Topic review: Please check my order. Re: Please check my order. Quote admin by admin » deanonedean wrote: ↑ I made an order on your site normally. I
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1 size, 1 case color and 1 Band color, use the comments section on the order form or email us with your order number to let us know. Check Apple's website for all models and colors photos. Size: 40mm or 44mm Colors available: Cases: Silver, Gold or Space Gray Aluminum Case Sports Band Colors: Lemon Cream Clementine
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Ordering and shipping Ordering & Shipping FAQ Contents 1 How to buy a Trezor? 2 Can I order a Trezor from Amazon? 3 How can I pay? 4 My order got canceled, why is that? 5 What is an order token? 6 Can I change my order? 7 What is in the package? 8 What are the shipping options? 8.1 DHL Express shipping 8.2 Standard
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