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horses, and the Indus river dolphin. Any port in a storm, as it were. Jared Diamond recounted how a physician friend, treating a pneumonia patient with a limited command of English, had the patient’s wife ask him if he’d had any sexual experiences that could have caused the infection. After the man recovered
man. I do know that he is going to be well taken care of, even though public schools are out right now for summer vacation, I don‘t know if private schools are out though. I‘ll have to check and get him enrolled someplace soon. He started climbing out on his own,“ Hey buddy, throw the floaties up on the deck before
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man, and a man and boy. So many things you had to get that would feed 2 instead of just one, buying things to make meals instead of just something for me to eat. I never ate many vegetables, but I needed to get them for him, and now me, I guess. I was a picky eater, but I didn‘t want him to grow up to be one. I smiled
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man knew her name when he shouldn't. "Would you prefer to use the elevator, dear?" "Of course I would prefer to use the elevator!" "Then we're of a mind, child. Here, let me give you my card." The elderly gentlemen held out a small business card to Faith, who took it and read it with some effort and with a puzzled
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