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Here in London - we embrace and celebrate our diversity. #Ramadan #LoveLondon Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan 190 273 56 1,407 87,502 Naz Shah MP 💙 retweeted Richard Dunbar @rdunbar83 May 1 🌎BD25: OUR TIME, OUR PLACE ❗️At 7pm (on insta @richard_dunbar ) we start a 25 day run about why #Bradford should be #CityofCulture2025 ❤️Episode 1 is with @bradford_2025 Chair @ShanazGulzar , @bradfordmdc leader @SHinchcliffe and Lead for Cultural Partnerships @nic_greenan 2 7 2 47 Naz Shah MP 💙 retweeted Wes Streeting MP @wesstreeting May 1 The Government were warned about the care home risks.
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