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He was raised by his step mother as her father left when he was 7 and mother died when he was a baby. Living together with her 2 daughters as an exemplary christian boy. But finally his 18th birthday did come and everything changed, a lot!
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It is not a neurodegenerative disease. [11] Psychoactive substances Compounds within our psychoactive substance index which may cause this effect include: 1,3-DMAA 2-Aminoindane 2-FA 2-FEA 2-FMA 3,4-CTMP 3-FA 3-FEA 3-FMA 3-FPM 3-MMC 4-FA 4-FMA 4F-EPH 4F-MPH 5-APB 5-MAPB 6-APB 6-APDB A-PHP A-PVP Alcohol Amphetamine Baclofen Benzydamine Butylone Caffeine Cocaine Cocoa Cyclazodone Datura Desoxypipradrol Dichloropane Diphenhydramine Doxylamine ETH-CAT Ephylone Ethylone Ethylphenidate Eutylone F-Phenibut...
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