Prepare to advertise on Onionland Search Engine

Advertisers can create campaigns and achieve the following advertising objectives:
- Awareness (increase awareness for your brand / hidden service)
- Traffic (get people look for more information for your brand / hidden service)
(We have thousands traffic per day!)

What do ads look like?

Text and Banner ads are accepted.
- Search results ads (all pages under specifc host/domain, shown and rank first on page 1 when search terms matched)
- Banner ads (it includes an responsive image with max width: 740px, height ranges 80px - 120px, or equivalent aspect ratio. The banner ads display on home page only)

How much do ads cost?

We only charged for CPM (cost per thousand impression). The price will be varied based on the performance of your ads on our platform during a trial period. Please email us if you have any questions about the cost of advertising. We accept BTC / LTC / DOGE and unique addresses will be provided for top-up after activating your advertiser portal account.
We guaranteed no charge will be made if no traffic drives to YOUR website.

Where do ads appear?

Ads will be shown to the home page or the search result page.
- Ads will be shown in home page in any conditions.
- Ads will only be shown when relevant keywords are searched in search result page.

What do we provide?

Advertiser portal - shows the impressions / clicks / ctr% for the banner ads and search results ads. Keyword analytics and Page analytics for search results ads.


We offer trial to display ads on our search engine before onboard.
Please contact us for any offer or advertising program information!